I'm tired of falling in the water!
  • I'm near the end of Spitafield at the collapsed bridge.
    I can't figure out how to get across. Am I supposed to jump? I can't seem to make it.
    Also, there is a place where there is a window in the wall that was boarded up & I opened it up. It looks like there'a a path behind it but I can't open it up bigger to get in. Am I wasting my time? :erm:
  • This post is a bit old, so I'm not sure u still need the help... but since this is one game i do know
  • :P Oops! I should have said, all you have to do is press forward AND the jump button...DOH! (think it's the triangle?)
  • Thanx for your help, Mychele.
  • 1st-U'r very welcome =) 2nd-I HATE that freezing up of the games "kaka"!
  • what game is this but fer a walk thrugh click here : but if it dosent work oh well