PS3 60GB Crashing - Would firmware update help?
  • Hi All,

    New here and new to the world of PS3's, so please bear with me.

    I purchased a second hand 60gb console off Ebay. Since day 1 its been crashing constantly, sometimes I get a green pixelated screen other times games load fine and play for a while (inc ps2 ones), sometimes it just does what it wants really.

    I have had some money refunded and told to keep the console. Someone has suggested it may just require a firmware update so I'm trying to do some reading into this at the moment.

    Other suggestions are that this console was very prone to this and I should just trade it in and be done with it.

    Do any of you experts have any advice? I'm reasonably technically minded so I'm sure I'll get my head round it all once I've done some reading.


    C x
  • The console is definitely not prone to this sort of thing- I have one of the launch systems myself and hasn't had a lick of trouble.

    While doing the firmware update may help (if you have the PS3 hooked up online just go to the System Update in the Settings menu then select "update via internet" to get the lastest version to install) I'm wondering if the main problem might be something with the hard drive inside during shipping to you.

    You could also try opening the side hatch on the left side where the drive is located, flip the handle on that and gently pull to the right to unseat the drive (when powered off completely and unplugged of course). Then, make sure it is back in place securely and fire up the system again.
  • Great tips thanks Lyndon. I haven't had it connected to the wireless network yet but I'll give it a go.

    Really appreciated!
  • Ok "Houston we have a problem", really have a problem :(

    Firstly, I should also mention that sometimes this machine doesn't boot up properly, it whirrs as if its trying to boot up, but then just doesn't. I suspect it may too have a hard drive problem.

    Soooooooooooo I get it to switch on, get the update to version 2.8 (I think), it downloads but during install it crashes, very obviously, screen goes all funny (pixels and smudged colours), gets stuck at 1%. So I did what you're not supposed to do and I switch it off.

    Several attempts later I eventually manage to get it to come back on, sticks at 0% this time. Same thing again, manages to get to 7% crashes again.

    Did some googling, switched it back on and held down power button to reset it. Same thing again, still trying to install the update but hanging, usually around 1%.

    What on earth should I do now? Have I totally knackered it all together now?

    If I got a new replacement hard drive for it would it still be stuck on trying to load that update?

    I'm sorry I started this now! :( Sorry that sounded really ungrateful, I genuinely am grateful for any help you can give. x
  • Just wanted to add I've got it back on again. This time its got to 5% and stuck again. I'm just going to leave it there until I know what else to do!
  • I'm thinking you may need to try a replacement hard drive- if that is the problem then the system should operate normally. The PS3 uses a normal 2.5" SATA notebook computer hard drive that runs at 5400 RPM, should be able to find a relatively inexpensive one at local computer shops.
  • Thanks Lyndon, will get one ordered. Will that do away with the stuck update problem though?
  • Hi Lyndon,

    Just to update, I left it for an hour or so and it booted up first time and loaded the update. Yay!

    However, once it was done and I was farting about in the menus it crashed again, so you get roughly about 5 minutes before it dies. :( Definitely going to order a replacement hard drive and see how we get on with that. If nothing else at least it will only cost me
  • Just an extra tip when you get that drive ordered- you may want to contact Sony about getting a replacement hard drive tray sent to you. The screws with the one in the system are made with a somewhat soft metal and very easily stripped. This way you just put the new drive onto the new tray, cinch in the screws and make the swap. If you don't want to go that way keep a pair of pliers nearby to try getting a grip on the more difficult screws.
  • Hi Lyndon,

    After your font of knowledge again I'm afraid. Got the new hard drive, managed to change it over no problem (thanks for the tips). It booted up a treat, then promptly crashed as it usually does once I put a game in :( . Booted up again after about the fourth attempt, then crashed on the loading screen with the wavy line image pixelated.

    Don't really know what else to try.

    A couple of other clues;

    The pixelated screen thing happens quite a lot (can post a pic of this).
    The blue light tends to get stuck on too.
    It switches on first time if its been left for a while.

    I've nearly given up with it. :eek:
  • Out of curiosity, what region was this PS3 meant for and what sort of hookup are you using to the tv?
  • I think its a european have no reason to suspect otherwise. It's currently connected via composite cables but I was going to go out and get an HDMI cable tomorrow to try that.

    Have just found this on you tubeYouTube - Ps3 freeze problem "help" this is pretty much exactly the same problem I have (when it boots up). Unfortunately, from this and some other things I've read it may well be the graphics chip :(