I'm new/very urgent!
  • I'm new here so I wanted to ask a few questions:1.how do you post a blog ?
    2.how come when i try to put a smiley on, all it puts is the word, not the smiley?
  • Not a problem, Brandon. :)

    To post a blog first click on the Gamer Blogs in the menu running along the page (right beside "play free games"). Now, if you scroll down the page about half way you'll see the links for your own blog. Click on "create content" then on the "blog entry" link that comes up on the next page. From there, add your title and put your blog contents in the big entry box. The button at the bottom of the page publishes it.

    As for the smileys, it should work. When you are typing it in, however, it will show the coding for it instead of the smiley itself. Once the post is up you will see the actual smiley.