• can you help with ps1 medal of honour cannot complete are thier any cheats for me to install
  • Found a few for you, Bryan.

    While paused hold L1 + Triangle and press Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle. This will Unlock All Doors.

    These various passwords are all entered on the Enigma screen. Their effect/ what they unlock is shown to the right.

    ICOSIDODEC - 4x4 Firing Rate
    SPRECHEN - American Movie Mode
    WOOFWOOF - Bismark Dog
    GUNTHER - Gunther
    BADCOPSHOW - Infinite Ammunition
    MOSTMEDALS - Invincibility Mode
    EVILKURT - Kurt
    MANLYMAN - Manfred
    DENNISMODE - multiplayer power-ups
    AJRULES - Picture of Adrian
    COOLCHICK - Picture of Lynn
    BIGFATMAN - Play as Col. Muller
    BEACHBALL - Play as Noah
    HERRZOMBIE - Play as Otto
    HOODUP - Play as Wolfgang
    ICOSIDODEC - Rapid Fire
    GOBLUE - Reflecting Shot Mode
    CAPTAINDYE - Unlock all Multiplayer Characters
    SSPIELBERG - Velociraptor
    DWIMOHTEAM - View Development Team
    DWIGALLERY - View Picture Gallery
    ROCKETMAN - Werner Van Braun
    PAYBACK - William Shakespeare
    FINESTHOUR - Winston Churchill
    TRACERON - Wireframe Mode