• hi, i am having trouble with a game called disgaea. Whenever i put it in my ps2, it does the beggining plastation stuff that it does for every game but when it comes to the main menu of the game the screen is blank but you can still hear the audio. i got to gameplay somehow and it was still blank. what do i do? all my other games work perfect. it sucks because this is my favorite game. well, next to Final Fantasy XII. oh, thats another question; i was saving a game on FFXII when the game turned off in the middle of saving and it then said the data was corrupt, is there anyway of uncorrupting that data? i wasted 60 hours of my life on that game. please help!
  • Seeing as Disgaea is the only disc that does this the problem may be the disc itself. Try giving it a wipe with a soft cloth from the center out to the edge (don't follow the grooves) and see if that helps. The system may be having trouble reading all the data due to possible dirt.

    As for FF XII, I'm afraid there is no way to recover that data. Back to square one with that game. Sorry! :(