• hello playstation network staff (or whoever reads these emails) my psp has a problems with playstation network i can sign up,use internet and other stuff but when i try to log in i connec to internet and then it says and i quote:

    A system software update for the PSP (mini) TM
    system is required.
    For updates methods refer to instronctions for PSP (mini) TM system.

    i checked the online instructions and it doesnt have the answer i need.

    i also have psp version 5.00 but when i go to update it says updatre the system to version 3.03 then it says i cant update cuase i have lastest version that obious

    so my question is how can i get to playstation network?
  • If you go to the official PlayStation site you will be able to download the very latest version available (we're at version 5.51 here in North America). Once you have it downloaded to your computer use the instructions on their page to place the update in the right folder on your PSP's memory stick then run it from the Game menu of the PSP. Make sure you have your charger plugged in when doing the install, don't want the system kicking off part way through and bricking.