Raising Grunties In Dot Hack
  • Ok, so I read this FAQ and it said that there are 2 types of special grunties per server.. So I'm in beta server and I cant seem to get the 2nd one. I have the iron grunty and noble (which doesnt count as the second cause its the normal one..) Does anyone know how to get the second one? (heard its poison?!)
  • Geeze, forget that, I can't even raise the special gruinties in the second server(delta?). All I've gotten is noble grunties. Can anyone help me with that?

    Later all,
  • the first server is delta and the second is theta, are you guys sayin you can raise grunties in delta?? how?
  • oh, and goto URL deleted as it didn't adhere to the forum rules for a FULL faq on .hack, which has the stuff you need to know about makin other grunties. you know some of them have to have certain stats? like having intelligence between 20-28, etc.

    If there's info on how to raise grunties in that site then please, in your own words, tell the other members how to do so. Posting URLs to other gaming sites isn't allowed though.