Simultaneous Wired/Wireless Connections?
  • Hi!

    I am wondering wether it is possible or not to have my ps3 connected to the internet via wired connection and also connect to my Apple Mac via wireless connection (airport card) at the same time?

    Reason being, i wanted to be able to keep my internet settings for online play but use the wireless connection to the computer to view media files ie: movies music etc

    i there any way this is possible at all?
    or can i have 2 different connection settings saved and i can swap between the 2 depending on what i want to do?

    i am using an apple mac (intel), both ps3 and mac are connected to the internet through a router (of some sort). is it possible to run a connection to the computer through this router as well?? The mac has an airport card (equivalent to a wireless card).

    What are my options here? if any at all?
    thanks for any help that can be had!

  • hmm also i just read that with a pc you need some software to allow the streaming such as nero, will i need something like medialink for the mac to make this work?
  • Routers can easily handle having some devices hooked up via wired while others connect wirelessly, just a matter of configuring each device- the Mac won't figure in to anything you set up for the PS3.

    The router would also connect the two for doing the streaming media. You need to have the media you want to share set up in particular folders and designate them as shared then do a search for media servers on the PS3 for the category (music, video, etc.).