Grinch Blue Prints
  • I am missing two prints for the Rocket Spring. Where can i find any hidden blue prints for the Rocket Spring?
  • Here is the list of every place you find the jet spring blueprint pieces. They are all in Who Forest:

    Jetspring(9 in who forest)
    1)Behind vacuum tube.
    2)Left side of second cabin.
    3)Entrance to clearing from main path.
    4)Behind cabin next to ski lift.
    5)In the tunnel next to the branches.
    6)On the ledge up and right of the branches.
    7)Next to green cabin on cliff.
    8)Next to pink cabin on cliff.
    9)Top of huge hollow tree.
  • I need help. i dont know how to get the last blue print for the rocket spring, i tried shooting at the red and white circle. but its not moving and in the walkthrough it says its suppose to be moving. I NEED HELP !
  • You may be aiming at the wrong target. To the right of the door is a small target swinging back and forth, this is the one to shoot at.