A strange connection set-up
  • I hope I'm putting this in the right place, if not forgive me. Anyway I wanted to know if I could connect my PS3 to the internet wirelessly, using a computer that is also using a wireless connection. Basically Im piggybacking on somelse's internet using a usb adapter (legally, I live downstairs they live up, I also have permission and all the various security codes). Can I connect my PS3? I can't get a router to work, they (routers) won't let me connect to the internet, but the PS3 does notice my wireless network at about 20% signal strength. When I put in the info, everything works until I test the connection and then it fails and says that the key information exchange timed out. Can anyone help me?
  • That 20% signal strength would be a killer for it right there- it's no where near strong enough. Your best bet may be to enable internet connection sharing on your computer and hook the PS3 to it using some crossover ethernet cable.
  • I'll try this , thank you.