Final Fantasy XII Disc Help
  • hi, im new here but i'll get straight to the point.

    My, not-so-new, copy off FFXII doesn't want to work anymore.
    it worked a couple of days ago but it wouldnt let me load my main save, so i thought: okay lets try a different save and see if i can get to that area in that one. i couldn't. so i took the disc out, there were nice scratches on it so, i took it down to my local video ezy and got it cleaned, no scratches nuthin. now i put it in my ps2 and it dosent load full-stop. like well... it'll get up to the ps2 logo then the screen'll flicker a bit and the ps2 will make some weird as clicking noises:mad: sooo... yeah, oh btw, its not the machine i know this because i tried my ffx on it and it worked perfectly. and also my copy is legit and its platnum if that helps in anyway. thanks if you can help me get this working again, if not, eb games is selling pre-owned ones cheap!:p

    if you want like a pic of what its doing or sumthin, just ask!
  • Those clicking noises may be the PS2's lens being a touch out of alignment and the disc hitting it. Still, you do say it only is the FF XII disc this happens to. I think hitting up another copy may be the best bet, the resurfacing should have fixed things up but it sounds like they messed up the disc for good. May want to try that disc in a friend's system first, though, just to make sure.
  • hmm.... okay i'll go see a friend and try it on his machine, if it does work then sumthing is up. if not, stuff it off to EB games!

    also, the lens? hmm... how would you re-align the lens, i'll give it a shot, dont think it'll work though.

    thanks, i'll come back and tell you guys if it worked or not
  • okay, i tried it at a friends place today. it didnt work, so either a new copy or i just drop this altogether. i'll see how much kh2 going for these days, my little brother and sister love that game, i like jrpg's fullstop.

    thanks for everything, if anything new pops up on how to fix my disc, send an e-mail plz not pm:


    i made my e-mail when i was a ffvii fan-boy, SHUT UP