ps3 internet connecting problems :S
  • Hi. My ps3 cant find the internet, and im using a cable. and when i try to log in on the ps3, then the internet cuts off and i must wait 5 min to use the internet again. is there anyone who knows what might be wrong? :)

    (we had som thounder and some of my stuff got burned, but i've played online on my ps3 once after the thounder, and i found out that i couldent log in yesterday)

    Thanks :)
  • I'm wondering if the problem is an IP address conflict (have a computer or some other device wanting the same IP address as the PS3, which knocks it offline). Is your connection shared via a router or is this a direct connection to the modem?
  • its connected to a router. but it dosent help if all the computers in the house gets shut down. :(
  • It is possible the router may have taken some damage during the storm as well, which could account for what is happening (really should disconnect everything when thunder/ lightning is about).

    I would suggest going into your router's settings and doublecheck that everything is still in place (maybe even remove what was set up for the PS3 in there, reboot th router then re-enter the settings) to see if this may refresh things.