• Hello. I'm brand spanking new to gaming off the computer. I've just purcheased the PS3 80 G console and am searching for games. I used to love my old computer games Duke NUkem and Doom.
    1) Are either of those titles (franchises?) available for PS3?
    2) Will ANY PS 1 game play in PS3?
  • Weren't long taking advantage of the price cut, were you? ;)

    There is no Duke Nukem or Doom game made for the PS3- to be honest, there hasn't been a new Duke game for years (always seems to be on again/ off again rumors on Duke Nukem Forever but it's been what, 10 years now?). It has also been some time since a new Doom game had ben published. Still, if the FPS genre is your thing you'll find no shortage of choices there.

    As for the PSOne games, this is true but the region coding is still in full effect. If your system is one made for the US then it will only play the NTSC PSOne games- imports from Japan/ UK/ Australia/ etc. wouldn't play in it. You will also need to set up a virtual memory card (utility for this is in the Game menu) and assign it "slot 1" to save progress on any PSOne titles you use.