site is a con
  • i submitted my score and came about 15th in my next go i beat the top score ,it said i couldnt acsess the page and my game was gone ,i think its been made so its not possible to beat the top scores ,
  • I checked the game out, crazy, and it is working fine (I also suck at it but that's another story). Head back in and have another go at it.
  • Hi lol I know how you must feel...I had that before happen to me in another place...It does seem like that I had 1st place in snake or another game ... and then it said it couldn't save it because of a connection error or some crud like that...and then I lost my score...It happened to like 5 games I beat 1st place in so yeah it could be them messing with you......
    ..........BUT GUESS WHAT!!! I was like NO IM GONNA BEAT THEM WATCH and I did right away and am now a Hall of Famer there and am 1st in like 3 games.....
    ..........It could also be your internet connection...which I think was the case for me...or the site got so excited that it just had to go really fast in putting your score in that it just got messed up.....LOL
  • Just becasue you had a "burp" in the way the game/score was or was not saved, does not make the site a "Con".

    Believe me, I have been with AP foe more years than I can count, and this is one of the few truly upstanding sites out there for the PlayStation AND gaming fans.

    Give it another go and don't judge the site on a single "snaffu".