• Whoooaa!!! finally got Yuffie, It's only taken me 30 hours to figure out how to find/get her but better late than never.
    At the moment i'm on about level 57, but can't seem to beat the Emerald Weapon(underwater) it keeps stomping on me or hitting me with the Emerald shoot. It has kicked my rear about 10 times and is getting rather frustrating. As for the Ruby Weapon(I think) the one flying around everywhere, everytime I run into it in the highwind it shunts me back and flies away how do I get to battle it........ :2spin:
  • you have to keep chasing the flying one and ramming into it with the Highwind until it stops somewhere.
  • For the guide book, the old man gives you the underwater materia. To fight Emerald you really need this materia equipped. It takes away that little timer that you have to worry about to keep from dying. Hope that this, combined with Juggleknot's info, helps you defeat those weapons. They'll give you a tough time for a little while but eventually you'll find a strategy that works for you. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • F.Y.I emeralds move del tam aire can be stopped. it depends on how much materia you have. if you have 7 materia on it does 7777 if you have 8 materia on it does 8888 and so on :read:
  • Alright killed the ultimate weapon and he left a huge crater behind leaving access to the Ancient Forest, I've been in thier but have not got a clue what to do with the small frogs and large frogs once I get past the first fly trap. There is a yellow materia under one of the fly traps but every time i go to get it swallows me. Any help would be appreciated..

  • Try this. You can grab items (frogs, big frogs, wasp nests, etc.) by pressing the
    O button.
  • Thanks to everyone for your help it is much appreciated, and a special thanks to Madhtr for the info on the frogs and flies i thought i'd finished but now you tell me there is a cave to get the apocalypse sword.....So once again thanks everyone for your help:thumbsup: