Game Hunter UK HELP>!>!>
  • Alright, I live in the US...and I bought a Game hunter for PsX at a garage sale. It says after each game (UK) so i have a STONG feeling that it's a UK version. Do US game cheats work on it? It has no intructions but my friend says that it is usuable. Can someone tell me how to put codes in *because I I really have no clue and when I try to do something I think i screwed some other games up* , and tell me how I know if they are accepted or not. But can someone also find me some good FFVIII codes? please?!?
  • From what little information i could find about this thing you are only able to use the built in codes. The codes it uses should work for the US version of the game as the coding would be identical. As for Final Fantasy VIII, there are no codes for that game to be found.
  • okay...thanks anyways. It's the only help i could get n.n