Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)
  • It may not be until mid-October for this to be released but we would still like to hear your comments about this upcoming game from Naughty Dog.
  • I think its gonna be awesome, it got best of E3 award, best graphics award, and much more to come, & the best thing is dat its only on PS3 , wohoooooooooo
  • I Loved the first one it left Tomb Raider for Dead, as even though it had Puzzles they never held you up for to long. Roll on Among Thieves I will be first in line
  • Well, I've been playing it for several days and all I can say is Naughty Dog have somehow managed to one up themselves on every aspect of the game. Improved graphics, better melee fighting, multiplayer added, tight controls- this is a must buy for all PS3 players!
  • I have to agree 100% with your above statement Lyndon.

    Although not what I would call "The Greatest" game ever, it is none-the-less exceptional and one of those games where you certainly feel as if you got your monies worth.

    As noted, the graphics are indeed exceptional, game-play is smooth, controls easily mastered, and the options that the player has from the arena's/maps to the paths in which they can take within these worlds is simply stunning.

    It is nice to see a game that actually come close to the media hype surrounding its release.
  • Although I really enjoy the Story mode of Uncharted 2, the online gaming community has gone downhill terribly.

    What was once a fun, exciting online game, has now attracted morons by the dozens: Campers, Spawn campers, glitchers and those who can not generate a kill unless the have the Hammer or an RPG.

    As usual, a quality online game has been ruined by sub-par quality players.