creating PS3 online account
  • hey guys
    ive made an account as u can see but when i enter my email ad password in on my PS3 then it says it is incorrect....any ideas on how to solve this little problem??
  • meybe you're having some mistakes while typing.....or do you actually remember your info?
  • Kenkere, making your account here is not for Sony's PlayStation Network. We are a completely independent site and we happened to choose that name for our forum before they intro'd the official name for their online.

    Go to the PlayStation Network menu on the PS3 and select "Sign Up For the PlayStation Network" and go through the entire process. Now, if you did this bit already, when you go to the log in screen use the "forgot my password" button. Once you answer a couple of questions (birthdate and a secret question you were to set up when making your PSN ID) you will get to set a new password.