Please help!!! Even if you've heard it before!!!
  • OK I know you guys are probably sick and tired of people asking for this help to get online with a PlayStation 2 and the DNS errors or 603 or 612 errors or DHCP errors.
    But TOUGH-LUCK, I need help now.
    I have a PS2 Slim and can't even play my Call of Duty the first one on it...a couple months ago I could but then I couldn't anymore because of those errors above. I used a laptop and found a Wi-Fi hotspot, then got that Cat5 wire and put it in the laptop and then connected it to the PS2 Slim, I played more than once the Call of Duty...Then I stopped for a while...Now I can't even get on because of these errors that keep coming up.

    Now I have internet I could just connect with straight to the PS2 Slim or to the Laptop and then to the PS2 Slim...neither has worked...It's really fast internet, too.

    When I make a new setting in the Blue Screen area, it says the connection is good, then I quit and come back to the Multiplayer screen part and then connect with that new Connection and then everything is fine it goes in then I say Next Page to the next screen that comes then I say Accept...

    This is the part where it gets messed up...It tries to connect to the DHCP thing I think right here and then it takes a little while and then it gets an error...I've tried taking the power out of the modem different ways...Maybe I haven't done the right way...but yeah...

    Maybe you guys should make a step-by-step new thread or something to show exactly step-by-step how to fix this because we are not all experts.

    So thank you for your time and please help with this frustration.

  • The reason you can't get online with the first call of Duty on your PS2 is they shut the servers down for it several years back. They are most likely using them for COD 4 right now for the PS3.