• hey guys hi
    i hope u answer my question
    i was wondering does the ps3 kicks it loud
    mine is loud but isnt to loud
    the game loads everything is fine
    but i have a question
    when the game is reading does the game make like a ticking noise when its reading the game i wanna know mine does that and the pics starts to stutter
    but all my games load fine
    i just wanted to know if thats normal
    i hope u answer my question
    and not mad because of what i said about game newell and u right ps3 need third party or else
    we wont see games like call of duty or metal gear solid
    or quantum
    thanks for your time
    i had mine for a year
    the thing is it froze twice
    and i think theres something wrong because i hear like theres something loose but dont know what is
  • What you are describing is not completely normal, no.

    The ticking sound is somewhat normal from the lens moving and the disc spinning but the pictures shouldn't be stuttering. Then again, this may be the tv at fault for the stuttering and not the PS3 at all.

    I would suggest giving the vent on the PS3 a good going over with a vacuum hose and maybe use one of those cans of compressed air as well to give short shots inside to loosen any dust that is in there. This could be causing some overheating on those times the PS3 froze on you.
  • thanks
    for the help
  • why u say the tv
    i dont get it explain yourself
  • It is slightly possible the stutter may be the tv itself catching up to the signal from the PS3, especially if it is one of the lower-end models.