• Hi there
    my son is playing spiderman 2 on his PS2. He is stuck in the arena with Quentin Beck, he has put all the villians in the green pits and is on to the last obstacle on the obstacle course. It turns round to face QB and he then fires at spiderman, there is nowhere for spiderman to hide therefore he gets shot at.How does he get to the end please?
    hope you can help!
  • Hey I haven't played this game in a long time, and I only have it for game cube, but I will try to help anyway. If I can remember, spiderman starts off on the ground at the beginning at the obstacle coarse. Cast a web to pull yourself up to the closest elevating playform. This may mean you need to crawl on it sideways. you are to cross the platform carefully without falling until you reach the platform with the green- lit up button. Push the button and you should be taken to the next row of platforms. Repeat the same thing with the different obstacle's until the cut scene apears.