Getting back online problems
  • Hey, iv'e been using me UK PS3 60GB online for a few months now with no problems, but as i went to use it a day ago it no longer is connected. iv tried re-entering my wpa code and it comes up with error (8013013D). not sure what this means. any help?

    also my connection is wireless and is at 100%

    pretty confused
  • I've done a quick Google search of that error and have found several suggestions for fixes. One was a simple reboot of the PS3 or switching to a wired connection.

    Other options may be to change your encryption to WEP instead of using WPA (not as secure but seems to be easier for the PS3 to deal with) or changing the IP address setting of the PS3 itself by inputting the correct number manually (should be found within the router itself).

    In the end, though, a simple power cycle of the router itself should fix it without having to make any changes.