Mortal kombat: shaolin monks(ps2)
  • Please i need a full guide on how to complete all 5 smoke's missions and move on
  • This should help you out.

    Mission 1: Break the walls in the Soul Tombs.

    You have to break the walls in the Soul Tombs for this mission. Head to the Soul Tombs and go through the green room. In the first room of this portion of the level, throw the Tarkatas through the breakable wall toward the back of the room. You’ll also be rewarded with a Fatality and 500 EXP.

    Mission 2: Find the shrine.

    You have to “find the shrine” in this mission. When you first entered the Wu Shi Academy during the main game you came to a fork. Take the left one for Smoke's mission. Long Jump over the spike pit and knock down the statue with the Fist of Ruin. Walk up to the wooden double doors and you’ll be rewarded with 700 EXP.

    Mission 3: Perform 3 sacrifices in the torture room.

    In order to perform these three sacrifices, head to the Soul Tombs. As you enter a cut-scene will play out showing you where you need to go. It turns out that a new door with a skull over it has opened up. In this room is a pit and 3 different portions of the wall with spikes on them. You need to throw three enemies onto these spikes in order to pass the mission. You’ll be rewarded with 700 EXP.

    Mission 4: Throw an enemy into the purple portals in the Portal area.

    Head to the Portal (the main hub of the game). If you remember, there are two small purple portals scattered about. On the uppermost portion of the Portal area (across the gap) is a small portal straight ahead. Throw one of the Shadow Priests into it or one of the other guards around. The second portal can be found on the lowermost portion of this area. Go to this area and locate the portal; it is back and to the right. Throw one of the Shadow Priests or the Demon Captain into it to complete the mission. You’ll be rewarded 700 EXP for completing the mission.

    Mission 5: Survive in the frozen wasteland.

    Go through the portal that opens up to the right of Smoke. You find yourself in the Pit II from Mortal Kombat II! Enemy upon enemy will continue to attack you. Kill all of them (throwing some off the bridge helps tremendously) and return to Smoke; you’ll be rewarded with 700 EXP once again as well as unlock Mortal Kombat II.