• hey thanks for answering my questions u nice
    im i writing you because i heard from n4g an article that they did about the firmware update freezing the uncharted game on some parts
    i wanna know if u had heard about it
    if its true which other game got affected
    if its true i hope they do something
    because alot of good games are coming
    and even uncharted 2 i hope it doesnt happen there
    what u think sony or naughty dog are gonna do
    ps do u think buying a ps3 slim
    is worth it i have the fat one
  • No, I have not heard of that happening and, to be honest, I don't believe there is anything to it. Seems like with every firmware update you hear people saying "the update broke my PS3" or some such crap when it was most likely something they did themselves to mess things up.