• I have been dealing with this problem for almost a month.One month ago I log on to SOCOM and I "FAILED TO JOIN CHANNEL" now this happens every time I log on.I also have a problem staying on the server for Burnout Paradise. I have opened ports and read dozens of forums. I am at a dead end! I need help!

    Info: netgear router, I can log onto these games server but cannot join games, NAT 2 connection, played for almost 6 months with no probs just logged one day and have had this problem every since. Any help would be appreciated!
  • Have you tried giving your router a restart (just unplug the power for about 30 seconds or so)? You may also want to check if there is an update for your router's firmware, this would help too.
  • I have tried both of those solutions. The frustrating thing about this problem is that I am having a problem determinining where the problem lies! I played on this same connection for almost 6 months with no problems and now I cant stay on any server of multiplayer games. What could have caused such a problem?
  • Only other solution I can think of to try would be disable the media server in the PS3 Network Connection. There is no real reason for the connection to be suddenly atcing up like this (unless something on your computer is mucking things up).