• how can i use codes for playstation having only a normal joypad (square, circle, triangle etc) when theese codes are like "02 erdg 47dhsjf874 ejus"?????
    Please answer me, i m coming crazy....
    thanks a lot

  • ryogaxyz, them codes only work if you have a gameshark cartridge that slots into your playstation. There is no way you can use the codes without a gameshark cartridge.

    You can buy the cartridges at your local video games store :)

    The cartridges go under some other names apart from Gameshark and they are Datel Action replay, Explorer, Exploder.

  • where can i find this gameshark cartridge? thanks evil....
  • Ok here we go with the Gameshark:

    1) At any local retailer for video games you will come across a blue square with a shark on it, thats the box for it.