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  • Most PC users have downloaded various bits and bobs from the net that they find useful and that don
  • For those of you that have .gif or .jpg files that you maybe want to try resizing for avatars here (doesn't hurt to plan ahead for the upcoming avatar awards) I suggest trying IrfanView.For all versions of Windows,this program handles just about every image format there is and lets you do basic editing (resize,crop,effects,add text,etc.).This won't let you edit animated .gifs however.

    Next,I know quite a few members here have more than one type of Instant Messenger going-instead of having all of these running at once and slowing down your PC,why not have all work in one program?For this I suggest Trillian.This free version (the people that make this also have a "pro" version that lets you use various plug ins but I haven't seen many useful ones there) handles Yahoo messenger,AIM (AOL Instant Messenger),ICQ,MSN messenger and mIRC,an online chat.Once you install and enter in the account info for each (done through a straightfoward wizard) it will import your contacts from all.
  • Hope this one's ok - NetAnts. It's a download manager tool that I use at home. If your download is interrupted, it will resume when you reconnect and I think it has some ad removing software. It also speeds up your download by quite a lot - downloaded a patch for a game which should have taken 7 hours and it took about 3 hours.

    Besides, you get some cute graphics of ants while you're downloading. :P

    I noticed this link wasn't working, so I have amended it. The page which it now links to also offers you the option of downloading a FF8 skin for your NetAnts :D
  • As virus protection is pretty much top on everyones list, I thought it was worth mentioning this great website that has a free virus checker you can use to scan your PC.

    Its not a program that you need to download and so you need to keep visiting the page when you want to rescan your PC for viruses.


    Click on the scan without registering link on the page.

    This is a nice way to check your own anti-virus software is catching everying on your PC.
  • and is relatively simple to set up (after installing you just need to make a minor adjustment to the server settings,instructions for which are found at the site as well).This program works with just about every e-mail client (only one not listed seems to be AOL's mail-sorry) and so far seems to work great.You can find it by heading here.
  • Im actually surpirsed no one has posted this on here yet. Its a program for zipping and unzipping large files. The program is called WinZip. It asks you if you want to buy it, but i have been using the evaluation version for about a year now. Im not sure if there is a difference in the bought version or not.
  • This is an old one, but I had to find it again for a friend of mine so I thought i'd post it here while I was at it. The program, 'POW!' from AnalogX. It's a nifty little proggy that closes those annoying pop-ups for you as soon as they pop-up. It's very lightweight so there's no need to worry about memory or processing power.

    How it works is, you specify the title of an IE window (the pop-up ad ones) and it saves it to it's list. Whenever it sees that title, it closes it. Simple. When that pesky ad pops up, just open POW! to see a list of currently open windows, then select the title of the advertisement window to add it to your list. You can also use wildcards to get it to close anything starting with, ending with, or containing a word. Eg. *advert* would block "I'm an annoying advertisement".

    You can get to the POW! download page, Here.
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