My 60gb is in the I.C.U. and need help!
  • Started out that i was suppose to buy a fully working ps3 60gb,but when i got there the next day,the unit could read movies(not sure if it was reg. or blu-ray?),but could not read games! The fellow felt terrible and decided to let it go for peanuts,which i so happen to have :) Did some inquiries after i got home and was told that it was the laser,but before i started wasting a bunch of money,i decided to give it a really good in depth cleaning,including the laser. This system was disgustingly filthy and felt that maybe it may have been the only thing wrong with it,so way i went! Every single part removed,broken down and throughly cleaned(including the laser). A visual inspection did not reveal anything suspicious,so i put everything back together,only like a doctor would! lol 10hrs later,i went to test the system,for the first time at my house,and after a bit of playing around,i realized that i was getting sound(with a blu-ray movie),but no video,using a cheap HDMI cable! So i messed around a whole bunch more and after a long while of swearing,i was now getting video(with the same blu-ray movie),but no audio,but this time,using a ps3 AV or component cable!!! I now have stopped the trials and currently in the process of resetting the PS3 system to the default settings,as i'm hoping that it was just an error in the system,from open heart surgery? Probably gonna need more than that,i'm thinking! Might still need a new laser too!! Regardless,i'm open to any suggestion or comment at this point,trying to save my wounded,yet cheap 60gb! :) Thanks guys
  • Try hooking up the HDMI cable and, when turning on with the front button, keep pressing it until you hear a second beep. This trick makes the PS3 auto-detect the video output connected, which should make it go to the HDMI for all.

    If the laser is indeed part of the problem you'll need to do some hunting for a replacement- a Google for "PlayStation 3 parts" should turn up some sites (or ebay would be a place to check). Due to the no advertising rule we will not be able to post links to sites offering the laser (plus some of these same sites offer items meant for less than legal ways to obtain games).
  • After i was done restoring the PS3 system to it's default setting,i was able to get audio/video with both,game and blu-ray,using that resetting trick(5 or 6 times),that you had suggested! Afterward i did it all over again with the HDMI cable and again,all around success :) So i guess there was nothing wrong with the laser after all!! Plain old filth caused it all! Thanks a lot Lyndon :)
  • Hey Lyndon,me again! Well.... spoke too soon :( A blu-ray movie froze up on me with a cheap HDMI cable! After messing around a long time trying to "de-freeze" the ps3 system,i went back to the component cable and was able to watch the entire movie without any problems. I said ok..... now i'll try that movie again,but now using a good quality HDMI cable! (been told that sometimes a cheap HDMI will cause video issues) Well,it's been several hours now and i never even got to the set up page yet!!!! Very upset at this point :( Tried everything i could think of,or read about! Including going back to component cables. The furthest i got was a bit of sound at start up,including some static stuff? (images/pictures) and total freeze! 3 rapid beeps occured a bunch of times afterwards(can't remember if it was while i was trying to shut down?),but anyways,i tried to reset from the front,from the back,unpluging,pluging..... Just about ready to send it for repairs! Any ideas on what it could be? Laser,motherboard,hard drive,system updates,as a last resort attempt?? Again,it's a 60gb PS3,possibly first gen. My TV is a 4yr old Panasonic plasma HD with max. resolution 1080i. Thanks again :)
  • It does sound like the blu-ray may be the culprit- some of the first-gen PS3s had problems with a blu-ray diode that wasn't quite up to par. You'll likely want to contact Sony themselves about it. They'll be charging $150 to do the repairs.