• Manne and two of his buddies visited Copenhagen and decided to go to a bordello. They knocked on the door and the Madame opened.

    Madame: What do you want?
    Manne: We want to come in. We are Swedish.
    Madame: How much money are you willing to spend
    Manne: We have altogether 250 crones.
    Madame: 250 crones!! For that price you can f*ck
    each other!

    After saying this the Madame slammed the door shut.
    After about 15 minutes the same 3 Swedish guys
    knocked on the door again.

    Madame: Well, what do you want now?
    Manne: Where can we pay?
    :lol: :lol: :P
  • Very Funny,

    Now lets not bring up Manne's memories of losing his virginity although I am sure he will remember it for ever. :D
  • Oh shut up. :lol:

    When I lost my virginity it was dark, damp and I was scared and all alone. :P

    Here are some copys of the diary entrys when sus and Fj lost theirs.

    :P :lol:

    edited by Sus herself, not for the thought process behind the comments, which I thought were very funny, but for the 'naughty' words that we've got to be careful of. But, LOL big time!!!!!!

  • Oooh, I think I hit a touchy spot there, eh Manne!!?!?? :lol:

    Well, when I read the joke, I just had to alter it a bit to fit ya! It was originally given to me as "three Swedes"...... heeheheheee!!

    Certainly no offense meant there Buddy!!
  • AAHhhhhhhh,

    I wanted to remeber those days when I scrawled in my diary all over again. :D

    Huddled up on my bed busily penning in my diary about my most memorable days in the Babysitter's Club and the Saddle club. :P
  • Sorry about the "naught so good job" censuring my own post, I guess I got a bit carried away thinking back on them good ole days in Denmark.
    But in the words of Iggy Pop: An @ss is an @ss.

    It seems as if one of the right persons recieved their responces though, right sus ;) , there sure was alot of willing men to go around during WWone :lol: