xmen origins wolverine
  • hey i hope u can help me
    im having trouble playing this game it goes where u see the blue ray of the game it loads but when its going to read the game it goes to a black screen and nothing happens i have to manually turn off in the back
    i put in other games and nothing reading fine loads fine
    and all of the sudden out of nowhere the game pops on
    what is it the game or my ps3
    i dont want to keep turning it off in the back i might damage it i think
    i didnt do this before
    i have the 3.00 update
  • It is possible the update is the issue- I've read the stories about it possibly affecting Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (plan on checking it out on my own system) but I haven't heard of anyone else's game being messed up. You may want to delete the game data (not the save, keep that) and see if the game will re-install the game data.
  • hey i think it works now
    the only thing i did was disable the internet on the ps3 and everything worked fine when i enable the internet didnt work i had the problem
    how can i fix this or i have to disable the internet everytime i play this game
    which i dont mind
  • i think is because there a conflict between the ps3 and the computer
    i think they loging in on the same ip
    because i saw a message where it said system error conflict with another ip in the same network i was thinking of making an static ip for the ps3 u think is the right thing to do
  • Definitely have your PS3 set up for a different IP address than the PC- only one device can use the same IP address at a time. When you go into your router settings to adjust this just change the address up a few notches for the last bit to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything else then edit this into your PS3's settings.