Find fast IP
  • Now I manually change IP by disconnecting and reconnect to my
    Then I ping to check speed.
    Most of the times I have betwen 700 - 800 ms.
    But some IP:s give 200 - 300 ms. This takes a long time to do, so my question is:
    Is there a program who can do this automatically? e.g find my
    ISP:s fastest (or less than X ms) Ip for and connect? It would be great if the program runs in the background.
  • Shooter, the place you are pinging is a web site that is under construction in China or Japan (did a quick check). That is why the ping times would be so big. There is no spot to ping the actual PlayStation Network.

    As for where to test, you can get a general feel for the speed you will have over at Speed Test. You won't be pinging the PSN server themselves but you will be able to ping host servers in the areas you are interested in and get results for both download and upload speeds. The Sony servers would be in the Los Angeles area.