• Can you please help me! I would like to download the Sore Spots add on for the PS3 game PAIN. The thing is I don't know how i get the sore spots add on. Do I need to complete the game or something? I've looked on the Playstation 3 store and i can only find a trailer for it.

    Please reply, I've been everywhere but I still don't have an answer.
  • The DLC is easy to find on the store, BobbyJim- go to Add Ons, then to Downloadable Games Add-Ons, then look for the Pain icon to find all of the various additions. It should be the 11th block (start of the 3rd row) of add-ons.

    Once installed it is available for use- no completing the game, unlocking, etc. necessary.
  • Sorry, but I still can't find it. I went onto the store and onto game add ons but i don't have a downloadable add ons file. All I can find is all the characters and the museum, amusement park and movie studio.

    Any other suggestions?:confused:
  • If you were seeing that then you were in the right spot. The Sore Spots add on should have been on the far left of the small blocks and about 3 rows down (at least that's where it is on the North American stores). If you are using the UK store or another territory that add on may not have been released there yet.
  • Thanks a lot I am using the Uk edition so it might not be released yet