Very unusual hardware problem.
  • Hey,
    I bought three months ago my ps3 80g pal version and I had no problems with any games until I bought metal gear solid 4. Playing single player game gave me no problems but once I started playing online I experienced loss of sound, usually when map new map was being loaded or game session was changed. It doesnt always happen, sometimes I can play even two hours at best before it happens and sometimes it happens almost all the time. After sounds are gone, they are gone from my microphone as well I cant say anything to my friends, also when I try to quit game when sounds are gone my ps3 it just goes blank and beeps. Then I have to restart whole ps3.

    I thought this problem was only limited to metal gear solid 4 but now I bought far cry 2 and I am experiencing exactly same problems unfortunately. Since I got still warranty left I am thinking of sending this ps3 to be fixed rather than wait for third game with same type of problems. But I am asking if you would have any idea possibly what could be causing it? I heard faulty blue ray possibly could be cause..since during loading new map in multiplayer this happens to me.

  • It does sound like you should contact Sony regarding in-warranty repair work, Blackhawk. There is nothing I can think of as a self fix for what's doing there.