Playstation network sign in problem
  • [CENTER]Okay im new to this but im going to give it a shot. I have a 40gb second generation ps3. I Try to connect it to the playstation network but everytime i do, it just keeps saying "Signing in" but after that fails. It will tell me that my ip address cannot be found. I've tried calling my cable company to see if they could switch the modem, and they did. It's still doing, it by the way im running my ethernet cord which i have tried 4 different ethernet cords to the ps3, but no result. But my ps3 runs straight to my modem so i can get a better connection. Could anyone help me here? [/CENTER]
  • I think you are going to need a bit of editing into your PS3's network connection settings, Acid. I would add in manually the DNS servers that your ISP uses and check with them if they give you a static IP address or Dynamic. If static, edit that into the settings as well.