Ps2 reads Old ps2 dics BUT NOT NEW ONES?
  • I own a older ps2. I would say somewhere around 2nd gen maby. Umm.. I recently bought gh5 for ps2. I poped it in and nuthign happens. So I thought maby the lense was dirty. So i poped the bad boy open and cleaned the lense. Well no luck. And still no luck with my grammer or spelling as some may have seen by now. LOL So anyways. I can read my old ps2 dics that i already owned. and It even reads the REALLY REALLY dirty ones. With no problems.

    I skimmed through some of the topics on here and none are realated. BUT i did notice that the lines on the inside of the disc for the gh5 are different then the ones on the gh3 disc. Maby my ps2 is a come of the thing of the past now? I have no idea. What to do. Except take the disc back to walmart and get another one? Maby?? Im very confused why it will not read a new disc. I do NOT get a disc read error the lazor is fine and working properly. It just doesn't seem to work just for this ABOSOLOUTLEY NEW DISC. Does anyone have any suggestions besides take the disc back?

    Here some stepps of what i have done. And some other detailed information in a nut shell.

    1. BRAND NEW DISC (clean)
    2. Cleaned the lazor
    3. Did several warm boots and cold boots.. Even a hard boot
    4. Cleaned all the dirt and grim from inside the ps2
    5. Ps2 reads old ps2 disc as in GH3 and down

    I would greatly app. the help asap! thank you so much for you time! And while I am here. Has anyone else had the same problems with brand new discs? Are they made slightly different? Anyways thank you for your time and effort.

    Caveman Tribes AA
  • OK i got to looking and here is some even more detail information on what I am dealing with here.
    Console: SCPH-39001
    Browser: 1.20
    CD player: 1.20
    Ps Driver: 1.10
    Disc Speed : Standard
    Texture Mapping: Standard

    Hope this helps a lil more Sorry about the dbl post
    Dvd Play: 2.12 u
  • There have been some of the newer games that, for whatever reason, do not seem to function in the ol' fat PS2. Just to make sure it isn't the disc, however, you may want to check it on one of the slim PS2 systems if you know someone with one.
  • thank you for your help. Greatly APP!