Socom cheat codes
  • I've been playin socom for years and prefer 1,3 . Havin real trouble beating 1 the second time around and would love to take it on with the extra weapons. Like 3 and pick certain missions depending on my mood. Cheat codes would be greatly appreciated. Also like Ace Combat 4 , beat it all the way once and trying for second level. Could really use new aircraft.
  • There are no codes/ cheats to unlock the weapons that can be found. You can unlock an MGL (multiple grenade launcher) by beating the game 3 times or, to use the same weapons the terrorists use, beat the game with the rank of Ensign.
  • thanks for the info. I've beat it as ensign so i have those weapons. Heard about a code gave you shotguns etc... Oh well, wishful thinking. Unfortunately none of my friends are gamers so the guy at gamestop has been my only link. Wife talked me into trying the computer. Gonna take awhile to figure out, kinda stuck in the middle ages. I'm learning-slowly. Great to have other gamers to chat with. Obviously need new friends.