the heart of darkness
  • i am playin the heart of daerkness and im stuck on rthis level. a seed is the water were the paraners are. u can not go in the water coz the fish eat you. iv been aroun the othe side avd under the water at the bottem and moved the rock and the fish swam to the other side. but when i wenr bk round ther were more fish the side had mooved on to the rock, but i really dont no wat 2 do from hear. any help would be really grat/ iby the way im playing the playstation 1 virsan:huh: :o
  • This bit I found should help you out. This takes up from about where you describe after moving the rock and going back to where you came in, avoiding the mantrap.

    Jump down where the plant is and run immediately right before the mantrap
    notices you. Go right to the starting room. Shoot the far plant to reduce it
    to a seed again, then go back left, shoot the plant and then the mantrap in
    the wall again. This time, kick the seed to the right (you can kick it to the
    wall then back again), and push it into the water. It'll float over and
    displace the other seed on the small platform in the water. Now, grow both
    seeds (the lower one by shooting diagonally) and jump across both plants.
    From the second plant, on the right side, climb down and stand on the left
    edge of the platform. Shoot the plant right beside you (you may need to shoot
    upwards to hit it), and kick the seed to the right. In the next room, you
    should now have a seed on both platforms. Shoot the first one to grow it,
    then jump to the plant, and shoot the second seed while hanging from it (be
    off the ground, of the piranha will jump and eat you). Climb the second plant
    through the ceiling.

    Above, shoot and stun the mantrap on the left, then climb up on the left side
    and stun the other one hiding above on the right. Climb up past it. Above,
    you have to shoot each mantrap in turn, and get past it before it recovers.
    You have to shoot them all diagonally from just below them. Once you reach
    the ledge, immediately start firing on the shadows there, both above you and
    to the left. Go left and climb up in the corner of that screen.

    Above, in a larger cave, there are a heck of a lot of shadows that come after
    you, too many to fight. Run left, and grow the seed where it lay along the
    ground in the next room. Quickly climb it and go left, then shoot the few
    shadows up where you are. From this ledge, you can shoot the shadows below by
    firing diagonally downward. Once they're clear, drop down and continue left.
    Shoot the shadows, then climb the rocks on the left side and continue. Walk
    slowly across the stone bridge to meet up with your old friend Amigo.