Fifa 2009 for PS3
  • Hi,

    Do you know how to download the newest roster for Fifa 2009 ? I know you are only allowed one league. I have been trying to download the newest roster update but some players still have not being traded in the game. Even when I got online and it asks to update with the newest roster update, it still doesn't work. I heard that the download is only good until this past May 2009 and maybe this is why there are no new roster updates ?

    Please help me, Thank you for your time

  • That would definitely be the case- with the updates only being "limited time only" if you didn't get them when they were available then you are out of luck. Your best bet may be to contact EA themselves and see if they may be available via their site (can't see it happening, though).
  • Hi,

    Thanks for relying and for the info. I think its such a rip-off for roster updates for sports games to only be valid for a year, I guess I might have to buy Fifa 2010. I was wondering if you would also know what ppl are saying about PES 2010 if its better than Fifa 2010. I wondering if a should buy Fifa 2010 or PES 2010 ?

    Thanks again for all your help...
    p.s. Infamous is sick ! I played the demo and it was awesome. (Nice Pic)
  • Both games have their share of fans and each are great in their own way. Overall, though, I think FIFA gets the nod for being the better game of footy. If you have a UK account set up you can check out the demo for FIFA, it came out this past Thursday on the store.
  • No I don't but thanks for the info.