DNS error 80710102
  • Hey my name is Jim. I cannot connect to the internet with my ps3. I am using a wired connection and every time i try to send in i get the DNS error 80710102. I have tried updating my system through a USB, resetting my modem, using free DNS codes, and using the DNS codes on my computer. All of these things have not worked. It would be greatly appreciated if you can figure out whats wrong.

    Thank you,
  • Jim, is this a direct connection to the modem? If so then the DNS servers should match with what your internet provider uses and you should contact them.

    If this is a connection to a router then I would go into the settings of it and get the correct DNS settings there and then edit these into the PS3's settings.
  • yes it is a direct connection to the modem i called my internet provider earlier today i asked them to do some troubleshooting and they found nothing wrong with my internet connection. Is there some setting on my computer that i might have accidentally changed?
  • Any settings made on the computer would not affect the PS3 when it is connected right to the modem. At best guess you may need to wipe out and re-do your PS3's settings from the beginning, this time making sure to put in any/ all information you can in regards to your ISP's settings (DNS addresses, default gateway, etc.). Also, when swapping the ethernet cable between the PC and PS3 make sure to turn the modem off first to free up whatever address your provider assigned at that time.