• What row of numbers comes next?

    This is a tough one!

  • Is it: 1113213211?
  • Yea that looks about right!
    Damn you WB for beating me to it :D
  • Yes WB that is right It is all yours
  • If Cats have Kittens, then Bats have .............?
  • For the 15:th time, BITTENS!
    I mean really WB, can't you come up with something new or is that brain of yours starting to crumble a bit?
    :lol: ;)
  • Isn't it something like batlings or cubs?

  • Sorry for my repetition. Your go, @$$face

  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Mar 4 2003, 11:55 AM
    Your go, @$$face


    Are you refering to my breath or the way I keep my facial hair WB? :lol:

    Ok, I will show mercy and keep this (4:th) thread on riddles going. It will be called "Easy riddles, somewhat old and some rimes incluting numbers" by me.

    A baby once was born in 1835.
    Today she is celebrating her 16:th birthday.
    How can this be?

  • :unsure: could this be a 24 hour clock question, and she was actully born at 18.35 (6.35pm) on this day 16 years ago? :unsure:
  • Was it that the baby born in room 1835?
  • Both your answers are valid, but I think that the 24hour one is better so the price goes to Theve.

  • I sent an email to Theve letting him know that it was his turn, but since he's having troubles logging in, he's asked me to either take his turn or turn the floor over to whomever. I think I'll take it! :D

    Legendary Scottish mass murderer, Shorty O'Cheekclencher, was confessing to one of his unknown crimes, whilst on his death bed. He explained how he managed to poison someone by sharing an Apple with them. It was the victims apple and the victim had the free choice of which piece of apple either he or Shorty ate, yet the victim died of poisoning after eating his half of the apple that Shorty had sliced. There was no swapping of apples or nor was the poison administered to the victim in any other way and there was no known antidote for the poison.

    How did Shorty manage to poison the victims half of the apple only? :blink:
  • You say he did the slicing. Maybe he had to hand the vicitms piece over too?
  • Maybe he put the poison on one side of the knife?

    Unlikely but perhaps. :unsure:
  • You dind't sat that Shorty ate his half of the apple, so my guess is he poisoned the whole apple and just didn't eat his half. :P

  • Rex, you sly OLD dog, you got it!!! He only poisoned one side of the knife!!!

    Okey dokey, your turn!! :D
  • 85491763200236719458

    Why are the numbers above written the way they are?

    Good luck. :P
  • Because someone has nothing better to do.

    Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the Ten digits being repeted but the order makes no sense.

    Are you trying to brainwash me?
  • left right, left right! :D Same from left to right as right to left!
  • Originally posted by Knowze Gungk@Mar 14 2003, 07:01 PM
    Because someone has nothing better to do.

    Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the Ten digits being repeted but the order makes no sense.

    Are you trying to brainwash me?

    Your right, I don't have anything better to do.

    The order does make sense if you look at it a little more closely.
  • You skipped my answer, same right to left as left to right! <_< </font> :)
  • I did not skip your answer, if it was right I would have told you. <_<<br />
    You basically said the same thing as Mr. Gunk, so why would I say the same thing twice?
  • Is it 10 digits by a mirror?
  • :blink: :blink: Not completely sure, but i know the firts 10, when written out in the letter form are in alphabetical order:

    but not sure about the reverse set.
  • Tony,

    your answer is exactly the same as the last one you gave only worded differently. If you want to provide a guess at least try to think of what it may be.


    your on the right train of thought. Keep going with it. ;)
  • could it be that he was use to the poisn?

  • Uuuummmm...... Time Reaper, we are past that one now. Now we're on to why Rex put those numbers in the order in which he did.

    I say it's because of the particular drug that he was taking at the time!! (of course by now the drug has worn off and he can't remember why he did it, so now he's faking!!) :P
  • No drugs here dear. If you think about it, it will come to you.

    Actually... you won't get it but somebody will. ;)
  • it is in alphabetical order from a to z and then in reverse alphabetical order from z to a.

    Thanks theve!!!!
  • Right you are KJB.

    You may ask the next riddle at your leisure.
  • I really suck at coming up with riddles so in all fairness to theves for getting half the answer I pass the floor to you.

    Take it away theves!!!