• i recently got fifa 2001 for psx as a replacement for a stolen fifa 99. only prob is that i dont have the manual for 2001. i would really appreciate it if someone could give me the complete game controls including (for instance):

    --defensive/offensive tactics (offsides trap, etc.)
    --skill moves (360 nutmeg, etc.)

    i thank you all in advance for your help

  • Bah, Man U supporter eh? :P Come on, we all know that Arsenal are the best!
    Anyways, I don't have this game, so I wouldn't know all the controls, but I do have a tip that my friend told me.

    Easy goals:
    When you get the ball, try and get past the defenders by sprinting (tapping Triangle). When the goalie is going up to you, press X and the ball will bounce back off the goalie, allowing you to easily score a goal.

    Good luck, and, try to chose a good team. ;)
  • thanks for the tip, but as far as i know, that trick only works against Seaman :D .

    j/k, i dont really like to get into all that Man U v Arsenal stuff....i realize that i wont be able to save you from your obviously incorrect opinions as to who is the better team ;)

    oh well, i couldnt help that. but seriously, i thank you for your help.