Guitar Hero 5 for PS3
  • We just purchased GH5 yesterday. When we put the game disc in, the screen opens with the logos, etc., and it looks like the game is going to load but it never does and eventually goes to a blank screen. We thought it might be the guitar controller but it works fine with our other GH game. Any ideas? I found another place on the web where someone was having the same issues with an XBox but was able to load it with the regular controller and then switch to the guitar controller. I hate to have to do that everytime. I also thought it might be the game, but after reading this other post, it appears what's happening to us is happening to others. Before we take the game back and start over, wondered if you had any ideas. Thanks, Karen
  • Are you connecting your guitar before or after loading the disc up?

    You might want to try removing any game data that is there for Guitar Hero 5 and then let the disc re-install it.