Problems with Katamari Forever freezing
  • Dear Playstationers,

    I just bought Katamari Forever, put the disk in my PS3, and the game froze... the screen says, "This games features an autosave function. Please do not turn off the PLAYSTATION 3 system while the save message is displayed." ...and there is a flashing star like it is loading... but i left it there for 20 minutes and the game still did not start up. So I went and exchanged my game for a new one and the new one is doing the exact same thing. Other games work in my system... so is it some configuration issue? Might anyone know of a solution? If it is a configuration issue please lay out the details of where to look / how to change stuff as I am a noob at this.

    Thank you!
  • It wouldn't be a configuration issue otherwise it would affect all of your games. I would suggest going into the Game Data folder and delete whatever is there for katamari Forever then try again. Sometimes this sort of thingis all it takes.
  • I just had the same problem as Trevor and I can't seem to find any kind of folders where I could deleted files. The game installed the trophy setting but I can't seem to delete that. I must not be looking in the right spot.

    My game freeze at the part where it tried to install the autosave feature too. My firmware is updated to the latest and don't know what to do.
  • The place to go is in the PS3's Game menu. Look for the Game System Data (can't recall the exact name but it's next to the Save data folder), highlight the data and hit triangle. Then select Delete and hit X.
  • This is not the problem, i had the same problem with katamari forever, I went and exchanged the game and the problem persisted. I contacted the developers of the game and they told me it was a problem with my controllers. Your PS3 wireless controller has to be connected to the first player position and when this screen appears, on the first player controller that must be connected to the PS3, you press X. Hopefully this will work for you as it did for me ^_^