Favorite Place To Eat Out!
  • I actually lot allot of places to eat out, I like Mac Donalds, Dairy Queen, Chinese Resturants, pizza places, KFC and Burger King. There is allot more too but where are some of the places you eat out at
  • I like to eat at Taco Bell and Hardee's only for their breakfast really. But for a more pricy meal I like Red Lobster and this place called El Toreo, best mexican food around. Our Dairy Queen burnt down a couple of monthes ago, but I love their ice cream mmmmmmm.

    Really I can eat just about anything, especially if I'm hungry.
  • Originally posted by unidentified32@Mar 3 2003, 01:10 AM
    I like to eat at Taco Bell and Hardee's only for their breakfast really. But for a more pricy meal I like Red Lobster and this place called El Toreo, best mexican food around. Our Dairy Queen burnt down a couple of monthes ago, but I love their ice cream mmmmmmm.

    Really I can eat just about anything, especially if I'm hungry.

    I agree with you completely. Guess what, the Taco Bell where I lived burned down around 2 months after it was built! They made a KFC after it burned down.( Kentuky fried chicken)I also forgot to add them to my favorite.
  • Our Dairy Queen was at a truck stop by the interstate it was actually a Taco Bell, Subway, and Dairy Queen all together. They haven't built anything after it though.
  • There are so many to list but to name a few:

    In & Out Bruger


    Bruger king

    The new Mecca ( mexican food )

    I quess that's it for now :P

  • I despise fast food. :P

    Favorite Restaurants:

    1) Aurthur's in Madison, NJ - Best damn Steak in the world, they add all these flavors to a nice 18oz steak *man i want steak*

    2) Bella Italia and Macaroni Grill - Best Italian food you could possibly tatse in your lifetime.

    3) Chili's and Torro Loco - They have the best food, especially Mexican

    4) Mt. Fuji and Benihana - If you want the best Japanese food where they also cook it in front of you go there!!!

    5) China Buffet in Linden, NJ - All you can eat Chinese cuisine for 7 dollars!! Its great and the people are great too.

    - And for good ole traditional Italian Food, visit my grandmother :P
  • I myself prefer the more homecooked flavor to the mass produced fast food. However at 2 AM Taco Bell and Hardees work just fine.
  • Okay so as it goes for fast food: in order
    1. N and Out Burger!
    2. Jack n box
    3. Burger King
    4. Taco Bell
    5. Dell Taco
    6. foster freeze

    Pizza joint:
    1 Pizza Hut!
    2 Round Tables
    3 Dominos

    I dont often eat at resturants because I feel like I dont have the time, but if I do its usally for a special accaition.
    1: Apple bees
    2:Chinese resturants
    3: out back steak house
    4: wendys
    5: Dennys

    Thats all the food places I could think of
  • Other than Wendy's , I agree with GeneStarwind about fast-food joints...most are over-priced and over-rated.

    However, Here are a few restaurants that I absolutely love:

    Mirimar- Santa Cruz, CA
    -By far the best steak & seafood restaurant, and every booth overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

    Cactus- Lodi, CA
    -Authentic Mexican food, no Taco Bell crapola here!

    La Strada- Reno, NV
    -If you are looking for true Itallian heaven, this is the place to find it!

    Kiahunna Plantation- Kauai, HI
    -Seafood, seafood, seafood....did I mention seafood?

    Sharkey's- Minden, NV
    -Absolutely the premier place for Prime Rib...and LOT'S of it!

    Monte Carlo- San Francisco, CA
    -Elegant, contemporary dining with wide views of the city.

    There are, of course, many other fine restaurants that I like, but these are at the top of the list.

    ...DAMN....now I'm hungry! :blink:
  • We have a local China resturant here in my town that i just love. I never eat at McDonalds bec i think it sux bigtime. All thoose fastburgers joints are just to xpensive with too little food...

  • I only ever do fast food (if you can call it 'food') a few times a year, and when I do it's Burger King, for chicken!!

    Other than that my #1 favourite place is Ledo's!! They not only have great pizza but they also have a wonderful variety of foods on their menu, all Italian. It rivals only, in my area, a new Mexican restaurant called "The Mexico" which has the best Mexican food I"ve tasted yet on the East Coast!!

    Ooohhh, how I miss Dell Tacoand In & Out Burger!! :(
  • My favourite place is KFC but I do have a few other good places although places like Burger King and that are way over-priced since the food is so bad I would hesitate before feeding it to my three cats. My second favourite place is a little restaurant in the coastal town of Ayr called Harleys (after the famous Harley Davidson). For a fiver (5 pounds) you can get a true Quarter pounder (with free side salad), free tea (only if you buy a main meal), and a dessert e.g. a knickerbocker glory or a slice of delicious Apple pie with fresh cream and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Man now I'm getting hungry. Oh and did I mention that a fiver is actually quite cheap for all that lot.
  • Burger Places
    1. In N Out
    2. A&W
    3. Carl's Jr.

    1. Pizza Hut
    2. Dominos
    3. Little Ceasers

    1. El Cholo (I've got connections with the manager being that he's my best friend's dad)
    2. California WOK (ate here for my "sweet 16" dinner)
    3. Panda Express
  • I rarely eat fast food but when i do i like to eat at Rally's. My favorite places to eat are Taco Johns(they have the best chicken tacos) and New China ( i love chinese and they always deliver).
  • Fast food: Wendy's; Combo #3 please. Thats a triple with cheese great biggie fries and biggie iced tea.

    As for a resturants: Crabby Joe's; They can grill up a mean New York steak! Just the right amount of blood.

    Fallstaff's; This was the first resturant the wife and I went to after Zach was born. My parents gave us a gift certificate and offered to babysit. I figured I would get something different, so I went for the other 'manly-meal' chicken and ribs. I think I only lightly bushed the fork against the ribs and they fell off the bone. Mmmm... oh yeah, the beer was really cold too. :D
  • BK
    McDonalds (Not really)
    Taco Bell
    Papa Johns Pizza
    Pollo Tropical
    Chee burger chee burger
    Bahama Breeze
    Star Lite diner
    Johny Rockets
    Macaroni Grill
    SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that's it.
  • Places I like to eat out. Well, not very many of them. I generally only eat at Macca's, and sometimes at a chinese restaurant whose name i don't remember. Also Pizza Hut.

    I'd much rather eat at home though, I'm one of those homecooked junkies.
  • Me:

    In & Out Burger
    Dairy Queen
    Taco Bell
    Baker's Square
    Panda Express

    If I have extra money my daughter and I will go to the Sizzler. :rolleyes:
  • Mcdonalds mainly...since I don't gain much of anything I can eat what I want there ^_^
  • For me its goes like this:

    1. Quizno's (really good but reallly pricy)

    2. New Yorks Fries(the works is awesome)

    3. Mrs. Vaneilla's(awesome pizza)

    4. The Keg(Awesome steak and good memorys of eating to much and "returning it" in liquid form to a near by alley :D )

    I like eating out but, shucks, Mom's cooking is great. :D
  • At the moment I really like McDonalds!!!!!!! Their burgers are just the best! I also like Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, and the chinese restaurants around my house!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • McDonald's used to be a real treat when my grandparents took us to see Auntie Ethel (lovely lady) - in those days, it was a new fangled American restaurant that had opened in Kingston upon Thames (yes, I am that old) .

    As I got older, though, it kinda lost its appeal. For a short while, I used to crave Burger King on certain Saturday and Sunday mornings - it was the only thing that took away the vodka shakes ;)

    These days, my favourite places for food aren't national chains - both are in my home town. One is a little cafe/restaurant called Humbles who do f***ing huge baguettes stuffed with the filling of your choice (mmm...prawns and marie rose sauce...). The other is a fish and chip shop called Palmers who do the world's best fish and chips (probably). The portions are huge and my other half always gets double because he used to teach the waitress's kids kick boxing. The only bad thing about them is that I have to walk past the shop when I go home for lunch and at the end of the day. I'm always starving at those times and the smell hits me just as I get to the crossing lights...must resist...must spend money on wallpaper not chips.... :lol:
  • Excuse me for being a snob but I really do prefer to eat at a proper restaurant with small servings, chandeliers and bills the size of your monthly salary.
    I don't visit these establishments much since I can't afford it, but when I do it is just heavenly.

    I also like any restaurant that has a bar in wich they can make a proper Manhattan without me having to explain the ingredients.

    As for were I most oftenly take my buisness when eating out (and I suppose that my father-in-laws barbeques doesn't count) I would have to say freaking McDonalds or the local Chinese Restaurant.
    Cheap, quick and my kid can throw food all over the place without me having to worry about a thing.
  • There is this place in Town, called Franks Italian Resturant, "THE BEST" steaks you have ever had mate. They've got all your originals also like your pizza and pasta, but not that freaking greasy stuff like certain "pizza joints" all traditonal mate. Good Stuff! :D
  • i love pizza hut if im in a fast food kinda mood

    but usually i love pub lunches - especially Weatherspoons (peeps in UK should know what i mean) they do i great curry club on a thursday night, and a nice 'steak out' on tuesdays
  • Originally posted by Witchblade@Apr 5 2003, 08:22 PM
    At the moment I really like McDonalds!!!!!!! Their burgers are just the best!

    No they arent.You just havent had anything good.
  • ireally like mcdonalds and always go there but recently im starting to like burger king :unsure:
  • If we do the fast food thing as a family I'm always outvoted and we end up at McDonald's. It was a stroke of genius for them to start outting in those giant play areas. On my own I'll always go to Subway. I'm hooked on the meatball subs and you get stamps as well ( to get free subs ).

    For pizza, we always do that at home. We have a bread maker that gives you enough dough to make two medium sized, one for the kids and one for us. My kids have no taste!
  • A&W all the way Baby!!! :clap: :fight: :rules:
  • Mmmmmm, Im thinkin Outback...with a nice bloomin onion and ribs! oh and i just LOVE their bread!!! i probably gain 20 pounds from eating there, their salads are heavenly!!! awwww man, now i want to go there! whos idea was it to come up with this thread?

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