how to fix a game works fine, but the television screen turning
  • hi .. how are you there
    my name is karrar and i have a question about ps2.
    i have a game and it's work fine but the problem is the screen of the television is turning from up to down and fast i cannot play. It's not the television problem it's the game cuz i have another games that works fine i download these two game(the only games that i download it and it's first time for me) but the thing is same problem the screen turns over and over how can i fix the game please?? so please i wasted about 6 DVD-R's they all turning please help help. i bag you :(
  • You will not find any help for problems involving pirated games here, karrar. As noted in our guidelines in the Announcements section, the welome PM and the pinned thread in Customer Service we are 100% against the use of illegaly downloaded/ copied games.