PS2 Can not connect to Central Station 0.o
  • People, I've got a problem.:confused:
    A while ago i bought a new router(Netgear) since the old router was way too slow.
    Now after trying to hook my PS2 up again i found out that I've got i very strange problem. I can play every PS2 game online, for example Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, it works prefectly fine but it doesnt save my online scores, its just stuck at 22034 and nomatter what i try it doesnt raise a bit after finishing a game. I've also tried to contact Central Station trough my PS2 found out it couldnt contact. So I ran the setup again everything was ok, it passes DNAS verification and then it suddenly stopped and gave me an error which said ''Can not connect to Central Station (Ref.SCC)''. Is it because of my new router? And if so, how can i fix this?
    Can anyone help me out? Would be much appreciated:D