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    So when I was accepted to UC Riverside I was actually excited. New school. Major classes! Big workshops, and lots of new experiences...but lately I'm beginning to reconsider my decision. The housing situation has really put a strain on my "have fun, experience things" bit. It's not my roommates. No, my roommates are great! I have a feeling I'm going to be able to tolerate them just fine. No, it's a much bigger problem.
  • Want a good idea on how to handle this...you may start a sh*t storm, but why not, especially given the price of education nowadays.

    Call a local tv station and newspaper, and tell them your story, and put the school on "front street". Let others know how the students they say they care so much about have to live if they attend this school. Scream at the top of your lungs "This is bullsh*t!! I pay good money to attend this school, and in return we live in squalid conditions and fear for our safety just to make it to class."

    Embarrass the hell out of the Administration...funny how they can correct these types of problems (or at least yours) when bad publicity is at stake.