• hey is this happening on europe or the us

    Sony has told Eurogamer that a firmware update cannot affect the Blu-ray drive on a PS3.

    The problem that PS3 owners are reporting following 3.01 is "not an issue with the firmware".

    Most, if not all, claim to have had no previous problem with their console, but having applied the firmware update discovered Blu-ray films and PS3 games froze and could not continue.

    Sony customer services have been telling sufferers that they must send their machine back for repair, which costs
  • There have been a few random people on both sides of "the pond" that think the firmware update is the cause of the blu-ray breaking on their system. To be honest, the odds on this actually being the case are slim to none. Sony would have tested this before releasing it.
  • im gonna wait until the 3.10 comes out
    does this fixes the xmen problem that you know of
    and the uncharted problem
  • Sony has made it clear the firmware is not the cause of the blu-ray diode dying in the PS3 Helghan. Those few that did "supposedly" kick off because of it most likely were having troubles/ were about to before the update. You'll be safe. The 3.01 is the one that fixes the Uncharted hang up.
  • hey thats true you said
    mine i just downloaded the update and put in xmen and it read it fine
    when will i know if mine was bad has soon has i put a ps3 game on
    mine is ok no problems what so ever
  • Helghan, you may need to uninstall the system data for the game and let it re-install the next time you put the disc in. The fix in 3.01 was made mainly for Uncharted- to my knowledge no one else (at least on any forums I've gone to) have had this happen with Wolverine.