• HI!I've two questions:

    My PS2 is moded is PAL but I don't know the nr serie,the question is:Can my PS2 plays DVD's?I mean,TVSHOWS,MOVIES,GAMES?If the DVD IS ORIGINAL,OF COURSE... I want to buy the first season of lost,original dvd,and I want to watch it on my PS2....that goes with movies,games... ETC!

    Second question:Same goest to the first question,but different:Can my PS2 plays PS1 game?My PS1 games are all COPY'S...And my PS2 is moded,so...I want to know if my PS2 MODED,can play PS1 COPY GAMES!

    I never tried,I was afraid to not broke my PS2!

    NOTE:I have PS2 SLIME!
  • You PS2 would have no problem with playing PAL DVDs.

    Your PS2 would also be able to play PSOne games, you just need a PSOne memory card to save progress. However, I'm not going to answer regarding playing illegal copies of the games. We are 100% against piracy here, Angel, and do not support the use of these copies at all. Please do not bring up that topic again.