Alone in the dark......... again
  • could alone n the dark be the hardest gane ever, its doing my head in.............. i promise this is the last time i ask for help, but what do i do when i have assembled the preforator:mad:

  • alyn, this game is quite hard.

    Once you have assembled the perforator make your way to the lab and climb up the ladder next to the machine, go up the 2nd ladder on your left, go along the platform and go up the 3rd ladder on the other side. You are now on the roof of the fort. Go to the door on the floor and use the padlock key you should of obtained earlier. Now go down the ladder and activate the switch to open the hatch for the electric conductor. Go down the ladder behind you and down into the main room below. Use the switch to turn on the conductor and a TIMER will start. You need to go all the way down to the basement and use the perforator on the stand to blast a hole in the wall. All this before the timer runs out.

    Hope that helps.